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e built the Autec Power Systems website on WordPress in 2017. Since then the brand has grown exponentially and in response to the demand for an internal catalog tool, we created with the idea that if successful, it would go on to act as their main website. The employees loved using it so much that we began building additional pages. As of 2020, we launched the successful internal catalog tool as their main website where searching for products is the main focus.

Why use menu drop downs to find the correct products, when a search and categories can handle all of the work in much less time?

The Webflow platform is very efficient, fast and capable of displaying hundreds of products instantly. Engineers and sales representatives can now find product information in a simple search with all of the specifications in one convenient location.

Developer Notes:

This started as an idea in our minds of how to improve the website we had previously built for Autec when they relaunched their brand in 2017. The existing website catapulted Autec back onto the market and was very popular among their internal engineers. As the product catalog grew, we felt the website was becoming outdated. As we started learning Webflow we decided to build this internal catalog tool to see just how far we could push the platform. Turns out, we loved the product search and proposed the idea to the Vice President of Autec. He also loved the potential of the tool and we began building it out as an internal resource salesman could use to easily find products. Eventually, the tool developed in such a was as to rival the old website, but instead of outright phasing out the existing site, it became AutecClassic, while the development tool became

Developer Update:

Please see our UI blog for the website update details.

Marketing Notes:

Back in 2017, Autec Power Systems approached us looking to re-launch their brand after being bought by a new parent company. There was very little momentum in terms of online presence, since the previous owners had failed to take advantage of online marketing. With a stunning website both in 2017 and again in 2020, Autec now maintains a secure spot within their online market. Achieving national notoriety once more with tens of thousands of annual visitors took a long term branding strategy and most importantly a dedicated long term Search Engine Optimization campaign to generate organic interest online.

When our company emerged in 2017, our vision for our website and on-line marketing goals was aggressive. I needed a web development partner that understood the technical part and could deliver what I needed, now and into the future. Currently, we are experiencing the exponential growth we originally envisioned. I recommend, without hesitation, that you hire ESO-EXO, today, as your personal web developer, and then stay with them for reliable, engaging, expert and leading-technology support as you grow your business. It's truly the "secure business relationship" that you are looking for!

Gregg Angell, VP